Kentucky native, freelance photographer reflects on how China handled COVID-19

Posted at 3:54 PM, May 07, 2020

(LEX 18) — While things may be starting to go back to normal in China, they are still taking many precautions.

Andrew Braun is a freelance photographer who has been living in China for several years. Since January, he has traveled to Wuhan, Bejing and Shanghai.

Braun has watched as bustling cities have turned into ghost towns. During his travels, he has had four COVID-19 tests as he travels across the country.

"When I left Wuhan, I got another one because before you can even leave the city, you have to get a COVID-19 test," he says.

Braun says getting tested is pretty standard practice there. While many people may be nervous about traveling to the epicenter of the virus, he says he felt very safe there.

"The tests have been very thorough, very adamant about safety," Braun said. "Even when you go back to your hotel you are sprayed with hand sanitizer on your entire body. They spray your back with hand sanitizer. When you walk into the building you step on pad to kill the bacteria," he said.

Now Braun is living in Shanghai and his advice to Americans is to be patient.

"Patience is going to be a virtue in 2020," Braun said. "Just sit tight and be smart cause no one really knows what is going to happen this year."