Lexington has new daily high of COVID-19 cases with 550, health department says

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Posted at 10:35 AM, Jan 03, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The City of Lexington has a new 1-day high of reported COVID-19 cases.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department 550 new cases were reported on Dec. 29. Health officials say it surpasses the previous highest day of 494 cases from the day before. The city's 7-day rolling average is up to 295 new cases per day.

New cases from Dec. 30-Jan. 2 will be reported on Tuesday.

"I think we're tired. As a society, as a local community. We're exhausted," said Christina King with the health department. "COVID exhaustion is real. It's been two years now, and no one wants to see this continue."

Data shows more than 60% of Fayette County's cases in December were among the unvaccinated. While the vaccine doesn't guarantee you won't get sick, King says that number is proof the shot helps stop the spread.

She hopes more people will opt-in for the shot in 2022.

"So many of us, mentally and emotionally, have hit that brick wall, but if we keep pushing further, and doing the things we need to do to protect our community, we will get through this," King said.

Health officials are urging people to get vaccinated if they haven't done so yet. The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department has all the COVID-19 vaccines (including the pediatric dose for ages 5-11 years) available by same-day appointment every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Call (859) 288-2483 to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine.

The health department also recommends people wear a mask over their mouth and nose, avoid crowds (and stay 6 feet away from others), and wash hands often.