Lifestyle medicine office offering curbside antibody testing

Posted at 10:23 PM, May 11, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A lifestyle medicine office in Lexington is offering curbside antibody testing. The office says their goal is to give their clients a peace of mind.

Helping people to look, feel and perform their best; that's what Marshall Lifestyle Medicine does for their clients. To continue to do that, the office is offering coronavirus antibody testing.

"If you're negative, you will test negative every time on the test. If you've had COVID and subsequently recovered, it picks up about 97 out of 100 of those cases with positive antibodies," Dr. John Mullins, owner of Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, said.

Dr. Mullins says they plan to conduct several thousand antibody tests, so their data is statistically significant. The office is waiting for 1,500 more tests to come in, with 600 people on the wait list.

So far, the office has tested 700 people. "What we're finding however, at least in the sample size that we've studied, is it's only about 1% of the patients that have come in thus far that have had antibody testing have tested positive," Dr. Mullins said.

The majority of the people tested live in Fayette County, with some people from the surrounding areas.

Dr. Mullins says they're able to get results from the antibody test within 15 minutes, while the clients wait in their cars in the parking lot.
"We just make a little poke in your finger, take off a few droplets of blood, put it on to our kit and use a reagent buffer that reacts with it and then it migrates and it shows a positive or negative, very similar to what it would be like on a pregnancy test."

The tests cost $35 each. You can use an HSA or FSA account but others have been paying out of pocket.