McGrath wants to see federal government do more to help during coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jul 20, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath wants to see the federal government do more to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

During an appearance at the Madison County Democratic Woman's Club, McGrath told supporters the country is both in a health and economic crisis.

"We don't have a national testing and tracing plan. That's something that we needed back in March and April. We need resources for it. I think that's vital," said McGrath. "We need to have resources for state and local governments."

McGrath made it clear she supports another stimulus bill, but she prefers to call it an emergency measure to save the economy.

"We all want the economy to get back. Everyone calls these things stimulus measures," said McGrath. "Let's call it what it really is. They're emergency measures to make sure that we don't go into a depression, make sure our economy doesn't crash."

McGrath said the federal government also needs to take care of regular people.

"The aid to help folks who are unemployed right now ends at the end of July. We need to extend that," said McGrath. "We need to help people so they can pay their rent."

As far as Kentucky's coronavirus response goes, McGrath believes Gov. Andy Beshear is doing a good job. She thinks the state's mask mandate is a good thing.

"I listen to public health officials. I listen to Dr. Fauci. If they are saying wearing a mask - when you're going to be within six feet of somebody - is going to help, we should be doing it," said McGrath. "We should be doing it to help our fellow Kentuckians and our fellow Americans."

Face masks have become a political hot topic in recent weeks, but McGrath believes recommendations from health officials need to be prioritized over politics.

"In Georgia, you have a mayor who has a mask mandate, and then the governor sues her," said McGrath. "I mean, come on, guys. What are we doing here? Let's just all wear a mask and get through this pandemic right now and do what public health officials say we should be doing."