Recovered COVID-19 patient shares her story

Posted at 1:04 PM, Apr 14, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A 45-year-old Lexington mother who spent 33 days in self-quarantine with COVID-19 tested negative Saturday for the virus.

"I feel like I've been telling people I'm mentally liberated, you know? I can go out, I don't feel the anxiety over, you know, if I touch this will somebody else touch it? And, you know, expose someone else or will I be, you know, infected? And so my days have been very just liberating," Fatima Warren explained.

On March 19, LEX 18 spoke to Warren when she explained the bones in her face ached. Throughout her quarantine, she said her symptoms ranged from a fever, to chills, heart pains, chest pains, to loss of smell, loss of taste, a green stool and brain pains.

"I spoken to a physician and the physician and I was, you know, they're asking me how I was feeling and was I still cloudy and, you know, fuzzy," Warren explained. "It's weird because it would vary throughout the day and it could vary day to day."

For weeks, her grandmother and her teenage son made her meals and delivered them to her bedroom door. She stayed inside, fearful she might infect them.

Now on the other side, Warren said she has a responsibility.

"The next chapter of the COVID-19 situation personally for me is going to the the plasma donation and plasma treatment. I'm really excited about it," Warren said. "What I find is that people really stop, and like want to hear you know and like they're listening to the things that you know just kind of what my experience has been."

She said she also wants to share her story and will answer questions Tuesday night on Gem Alliance Media's Facebook Page at 8:00 p.m.

"I do feel like there's things that are missing," she said. "Like faces of people who have gone through this process. [And] I really wish people would understand that you really need to be tested out of quarantine, like, you know, even if you're asymptomatic, you really need to get the test. I feel like that is what the government like what their protocol should be, you know, like they should get the test be tested out."

She also hopes our society comes out of the pandemic different. "You should come out of this as a changed person. And that you're able to have the time, the quality time. Things that you have enjoyed, you know, while you've been in this situation continue to take that with you and carry it on as you as we come out of it because we will come out."