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Lexington neighbors start social distancing happy hour tradition

Posted at 2:53 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:25:11-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — While many people are having a tough time staying away from family and friends, one group of Lexington neighbors came up with a unique way to stay connected.

They meet outside for a social distancing happy hour every week.

“I look forward to it because it’s the one thing in my day that makes me happy,” Susan Colwell said.

Colwell and her husband built their home on Norcross Court 20 years ago and very quickly built a close circle of friends too.

“Mayor Pat moved in first and she brought everybody a bottle of champagne,” Colwell said.

“We started a ladies book club. We started a dinner group. I have to say we look out for each other," neighbor Pat Burkhart said. "If we see someone’s garage door is open, you call and say ‘hey your garage is open.'"

The group had to cancel their usual activities when coronavirus restrictions called for people to socially distance, but they couldn’t entirely stay away.

“Last Thursday I saw that it was going to be nice so I sent out an email to everybody that said cul de sac, 4:00, drinks, bring your own chair, we’ll stay apart,” Colwell said.

Suddenly a new tradition was born. Two to three days a week anywhere from 8 to 18 neighbors meet in the cul de sac for happy hour.

“I’m having wine. Christy’s having White Claw, margarita for Margaret, wine. The guys are usually having beer,” Colwell noted.

Of course, the doctor in the neighborhood came up with the idea to draw chalk circles to make sure each chair is 6 feet apart, but 6 feet could hardly separate their big laughs and neighborly love during the toughest of times.

“It’s just fun to hear their voices and see them outside and have the sun shining. It just lifts your spirits after you watch the news over and over and over,” Burkhart said.

Hopefully this news story lifts your spirits too.