Trump says Cuomo is heading to DC for meeting, but doesn't know why

Posted at 10:11 PM, Apr 20, 2020

President Donald Trump will be getting a visit from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, though he said he doesn't know why.

Trump, in his press briefing Monday, said Cuomo would be making the trip to D.C. to meet with Trump, after pointing out that Cuomo had said he agreed with Trump that states were responsible for most testing. He also said he and Cuomo get along, touting the relationship that's sometimes has been seen as rocky between the Republican president and Democratic governor.

When asked about why Cuomo was traveling all the way to Washington from Albany, Trump said he didn't know why Cuomo was coming.

"I don't know, he wanted to," Trump said in response to the question. "We, believe it or not, we get along."

He touted Cuomo's congratulations of the administration's "phenomenal deal," which he didn't clarify. He then moved toward congratulating his administration's success during the outbreak, drifting away from the initial Cuomo question.

Cuomo on Sunday said the way the federal government was working with states to fight coronavirus was a "phenomenal accomplishment," but has been a frequent critic of the president in other ways, frequently asking for more federal resources.

Monday, Cuomo did say he sided with Trump on the issue of testing being a state responsibility, but said the federal government can and should help.

"The president is right," said Cuomo. "Testing is up to the states."

But, he said securing adequate supplies of testing materials has been a steep challenge.

"I want the federal government to help on those supply chain issues."

This article was written by Corey Crockett for WPIX.