Woodford Humane Society in need of donations after losing thousands in funding because of COVID-19

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 11, 2020

VERSAILLES, Ky. (LEX 18) — The Woodford Humane Society is hosting a “Summer Gala To Go” in lieu of its in-person fundraiser in an effort to continue raising money despite challenges set by COVID-19.

Since Kentucky businesses began shutting down because of the coronavirus, the Woodford Humane Society has canceled three fundraisers, resulting in a loss of more than $130,000 in funding, according to the shelter’s marketing director Beth Oleson.

“We’re kind of scraping by and we’re making it work but we really need folks to continue to support the Woodford Humane Society.”

Oleson said she’s worried donations have decreased because people think if adoptions are up and running, it means the humane society is financially stable again.

“In reality, those adoption fees only cover a fraction of the cost for each pet,” said Oleson. “The longer we go on like this, the more difficult it’s going to become for us to do anything that we normally do.”

The humane society is selling tickets to its “Summer Gala To Go” online until July 19. Though no actual event will take place, anyone who buys a ticket will be able to pick up a piece of Keeneland bread pudding from the humane society on July 25.

For anyone who can’t buy a ticket online, Oleson is encouraging people to donate in other ways so they can continue caring for animals in need.

“We are still here. We are still working. We are still taking animals in and we definitely still need the support,” said Oleson.