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Do-nut Despair: NYPD Sends Backup To Lexington PD After Loss Of Donuts

Posted at 8:42 AM, Jan 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-02 08:43:23-05

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18/NBC New York) – It’s the feel-good story that just keeps giving.

Lexington Police went viral after posting photos of their officers mourning the loss of a Krispy Kreme donut truck that went up in flames. The driver was not injured in the crash, but sadly all the donuts were torched.

Police departments around the country began tweeting condolences. NYPD went a step further. Less than 24 hours later, the NYPD responded to the call, replying to the Kentucky cops’ tweet with a photo of officers in a helicopter over New York City.

“Hang tight, we are sending backup forthwith, and these guys came prepared,” the tweet said. “We hope you like sprinkles.”

It’s obviously a joke but Lex PD has no reason to worry. Krispy Kreme is planning to send the officers donuts.

“We’re thinking of you during this difficult time … and have more doughnuts on the way!” tweeted the donut giant.

Our community stands behind our officers during this tragic time.