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National Parks Vandalized & Trashed During Government Shutdown

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jan 02, 2019

(LEX 18)– As the government nears two weeks of the shutdown, the whole situation is taking a toll on several national parks. Vandals are leaving many sites trashed and with a bare staff, not much is being done about it.

At the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., tourists are dealing with overflowing porta-potties. That’s the case at several other iconic areas too, like Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks. It is being reported that vandals are trashing the roads, off-roading illegally, and partaking in other banned activities.

In Kentucky at the Daniel Boone National Forest, park visitor Shiva Thompson is proud to say that it’s not happening at our national landmark.

“Conservation is very big here. I think the people have a great deal of respect for nature and the environment here,” said Thompson.

She questions the intentions of those who vandalize other national parks.

“I think it’s to make a point. I don’t know for a fact, but I think a lot of that could be intentional, deliberate,” she said.

Thompson said she hopes Kentucky’s beautiful and scenic forest stays that way.