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Woman Says Relatives Discovered Camera In Funeral Home Restroom During Funeral

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jan 04, 2019

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX18)– Thursday, LEX 18 reported on an investigation into a camera that was found inside of a restroom in the Spurlin Funeral Home in Garrard County. Now, a relative of the people who discovered the camera spoke with LEX 18 about the situation, saying it happened in the middle of an emotional family funeral.

The woman spoke with LEX 18 by phone and asked to not be identified.

She said that on December 28, family members were saying goodbye to a loved one at the funeral home when a father took his young child to the men’s restroom during the service. She says that is when the father and child noticed what appeared to be a camera placed on a wall under an air freshener.

“They just so happened to notice what looked like a base, a USB port to a charger plugged into the wall, just above the sink, facing the toilet,” she claimed.

Another male relative waiting outside took a look at the device.

“Sure enough that was a camera and there was a memory card placed behind the back of it,” she said.

The family called the police.

“There’s no words, shock is an understatement,” she said. “We didn’t even get to have a rightful service to grieve the proper way.”

Jessica Spurlin, whose family runs the funeral home, said, “my dad was trying to fix a problem and keep the community safe.” Spurlin said that the camera was being used to check for suspected drug use by an employee. Spurlin told LEX 18 Friday that her family’s good name is being tarnished by false information.

Garrard County Police continue to investigate the case. If you think you may have been recorded on the camera, please call the Garrard County Police Department at (859) 792-3023.