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Animal Shelter Officials Ask People To Keep Pets Safe In Cold

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jan 28, 2019

(LEX 18) — As the temperatures plummet this week, please keep your pets’ safety in mind.

When temperatures drop, we use jackets, hats, gloves and more to stay warm, and even then it’s still too cold to stay outside for long periods of time.

Franklin County Humane Society shelter manager Kerry Lowary says that an animal’s fur is only capable of so much. Once the temperatures drop down into the 20s and below, most breeds of cats and dogs could be in danger.

She says that includes dogs that are meant to sustain harsh temperatures.

“Unfortunately in Kentucky, we don’t see these super-cold temperatures all the time. So a lot of the time, even though they have that fur, they’re not acclimated to be out in the cold for that long,” said Ashley Marcum with the Lexington Humane Society.

“Even those dogs, if they’re not acclimated to those types of temperatures, don’t do well,” said Lowary.

“We do understand that there are animals that like being outside a lot, but it’s just going to be so cold,” said Marcum.  “Just to be safe, bring them inside.”

If you do keep your dogs outside, make sure that they have proper shelter. Igloo shelters are recommended and dry straw and blankets can be used for insulation.

Make sure they have plenty of food and water in plastic bowls.

“Make sure the floor is elevated off the ground, that keeps it a little bit warmer. Put some shavings or some hay in there so the dog has something to keep themselves warm with,” said Marcum.

If you see an animal left outside that appears to be in distress, you can always call your local animal control office.