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Woman Donates Accommodations To Cajun Coast Search And Rescue

Posted at 6:13 PM, Feb 05, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18)– The Cajun Coast Search and Rescue Team has been away from their Louisiana homes to help with the search for missing mother Savannah Spurlock.

They have been in Kentucky for about nine days.  They say that they’ve been shown much hospitality and their accommodations have been completely paid for by a hotel in Lexington.

The General Manager at the Courtyard Marriott in Hamburg said that she didn’t think twice when she heard they were coming to search for Savannah Spurlock. Shanna Harrod Fenn manages the day to day operations at the Courtyard Marriott, but 18 years ago, she was dealing with a tragic family situation.

“My brother was one of the ones someone was looking for. He died in a helicopter crash and they didn’t know where he was,” she said.

A search and rescue team found the crash site in Jackson County 24 hours later, bringing her family so much closure.  When she saw that the Cajun Coast Search Team was headed to Kentucky, she said she had to reach out.

“I just said, ‘have you already secured your lodging while you’re here in Lexington? We’d love to be able to help you all out’,” said Fenn.

She stays in touch with them every day at the hotel. She says that Toney Wade and his K-9, Pepper, are now friends. Fenn breeds Dobermans and wants to make another donation to the team.

“Search and rescue touches my heart, and it would be an honor to have one of my dogs out helping families and search and rescues,’ she said.

Fenn told LEX 18 that Toney and Pepper are welcome to stay as long as they are searching for Spurlock.