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Gardener Offers Tips For Protecting Your Yard From Too Much Rain

Posted at 5:57 PM, Feb 18, 2019

(LEX 18) — Normally, the ground soaks up rainwater and keeps everything dry, but with the huge amounts of rain we’ve been getting, the ground is becoming saturated.

Gardeners at Wilson’s Nurseries said that this amount of rain could cause problems such as fungus and diseases in your grass, if it were happening later on in the year.

Since it’s still winter, they say that your grass should be fine as long as you don’t stomp on it.

If you do stomp the grass down or drive over it, you can ruin the grass and get deep tire ruts, so in the spring, your only option will be to patch your yard with new grass.

The same goes for flowerbeds, gardener Jennifer Wilson says to leave them alone while the ground is still wet.

“Especially on your landscape beds so even if it’s a pretty day, if you know the ground is very wet and you’re tempted to go out there and clean up weeds — like I am — just resist the temptation,” she said.

Wilson says that staying off the yard will protect the integrity of the soil and save you trouble in the spring.