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Filming For Drew Barrymore Movie Underway In Downtown Lexington

Posted at 4:00 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 06:14:10-05

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Filming is underway in downtown Lexington for a forthcoming movie called “The Stand-In” starring Drew Barrymore.

First thing Tuesday morning, a stunt double tumbled down the steps of HIstoric Lexington Courthouse, and soon after, Barrymore herself arrived to shoot clips from that same scene.

“We were just shooting Pippy Bongstocking. So Drew Barrymore plays a character who was escaping from the courthouse — it’s a comedy. And now we’re shooting Drew Barrymore as kind of a woman who’s down and out, who’s kind of been living on the subway and she’s coming over and talking to some construction workers and trying to get a job,” said director Jamie Babbit.

With a little bit of movie magic, crews turned part of Lexington’s Main Street into downtown New York City.

“The crew we brought in from New York is a little tired. So we brought in a couple of our key crew people, but everyone else is Lexington hires,” said producer Tom McNulty.

He said this is not his first shoot with Barrymore.

“She’s really smart, she’s really sharp. She misses nothing. She knows exactly what she’s doing on camera and off. She’s a sweetheart, she’s lovely. She’s exactly what you’d hope she would be,” he said.

“Drew Barrymore is literally the nicest, sweetest, most awesome partner I could have so it’s fun to come to work every day,” said Babbit.

Producers of the movie tell LEX 18 that the city is begging to be filmed.

“The city has been very accommodating in letting us come here. The mayor came by and wished us goodwill. So it’s just exciting to finally be shooting our movie,” said Ross Babbit, the co-executive producer for “The Stand-In.”

The producers say they hope to be back for another movie, but they’ll need a Kentucky tax break to make it affordable.