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Castle & Key Opens New Tasting Experience

Posted at 2:08 PM, Mar 19, 2019

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– Castle & Key Distillery is introducing a new tasting experience.

“Our team has put a lot of thought into creating these house-made, scratch-made syrups that you’ll get to try. It will be based on your taste preferences and what you like and want to emphasize,” said Castle & Key master distiller Marianne Eaves. “The experience actually starts with getting familiar with the site itself and how Colonel Taylor built this distillery back in 1887. Why what he did was so impactful to our industry and how we’ve revived to in a way that honors what he did.”

Taylorton Station used to be the train station that Colonel Taylor would use to bring in his guests to visit his distillery. By reopening the building, Castle & Key hopes to highlight one of his hallmarks, which was hospitality.

“We have 12 options for different cocktails highlighting one of the ingredients in the gin itself, and that’s a beautiful way to really get a culinary experience,” said Eaves.

They’re also opening up Counter 17, a walk up food and drink window that allows you to grab goodies and walk around the historic grounds. The cocktail experience is different than their current offering as it’s a shorter tour paired with a more in-depth tasting in which guests try two cocktails.

“It’s a unique, more elevated, maybe a little more grown-up way to experience the gin,” she said. “This is a next step up if you want to learn more about the art of making a really great gin cocktail.”

To sign up for the new curated cocktail experience, visit their website at