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Fugitive Tips Off Police To Accused Killer

Posted at 6:22 PM, Apr 12, 2019

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) – A fugitive led police to a body that was in his friend’s backyard. Now, he fears for his life and wants assurances for his safety before he turns himself in.

26-year-old Jordan Tackett went missing in February of this year, leaving his family grief-stricken. It was Travis Banks, a convicted felon, who led police to Tackett’s body in a shallow grave.

Tackett was found in the backyard of a man named Wesley Martin, police say.

Police also found a burned shoe, a shotgun and other items according to the search warrant. Martin was indicted on murder this week by a grand jury.

Banks is a convicted felon and escaped from a Jefferson County halfway house in December and is still on the run. He had been staying next to Martin’s home when he learned that Jordan was buried in the backyard.

“‘I just know he said there was a body in that spot. I didn’t know he put him there, I just knew Jordan had been missing,” explained Banks. “He’d been burning stuff out there in a certain spot, saying there’s a body there. Talking crazy talk. Well that day, it made me realize he’s telling the truth. He has given a name to a body I’ve got to contact the proper authorities.”

Banks said he’s afraid that he will not have protection when he goes back to jail and that he will now be known as a ‘rat’ for doing the right thing. He reached out to LEX 18 and said he also wants protection for his family.

He told LEX 18’s Leigh Searcy that no one is helping him.

“I’ve reached out to get help, I”ve reached out to you all to get help, trying to get the governor’s office… all they want to do is lock me up put me back in prison where my life is in danger,” said Banks.

Banks said despite his concerns, he has no regrets about doing the right thing for Tackett.

“He’s a 26-year-old kid, he’s a child. Had a whole life ahead of him. No way he deserved to die,” said Banks.