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Man Says An Intruder Broke Into His House, Cleaned It And Left

Posted at 11:01 AM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 11:01:08-04

(CNN) – Why doesn’t this ever happen to us?

A Boston area man came home from work with his son to find that someone had broken into his home…and cleaned it.

Nate Roman thought that maybe they had been robbed. But upon further inspection, he discovered that nothing was missing and his home was sparkling clean.

Roman lives in a single-family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He left for work the morning of May 15 and came home from picking up his son to find his door was unlocked.

“[My son said], ‘Dad! The door is unlocked.’ Which I have done once every blue moon and didn’t think anything of it. But when we walked in immediately there was a vibe that something was wrong in the house.”

He realized that someone may have been in his home because a door he normally keeps open was firmly shut. Roman then went upstairs to check the rest of the house.

He discovered his son’s room, which was a wreck when they left that morning, was neat as a pin. He found his room and bathroom in the same pristine condition.

The kitchen was left untouched.

Police are investigating the incident.