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Therapy Pigs Beaten To Death In Bullitt Co.

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 20:57:22-04

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– A Bullitt County family is heartbroken after two of their three trained therapy pigs were found beaten to death.

Sunnie Howell said that Gypsy is the only one of her three pigs that survived a frightening ambush. Gypsy and her parents, Honey and Pigrawk, were all trained therapy pigs. After Honey and Pigrawk’s deaths, Howell says Gypsy has not been doing well.

“She stays depressed when she’s out there by herself, she hides underneath the house sometimes, if we get people out she’ll walk around and she’ll go lay down and sit down by the gravesites where her mom and dad are,” said Howell. “She’s been with her mom and dad since the day she was born and now she’s all alone, but she witnessed them being beaten to death.”

The therapy pigs visited nursing homes and children.

Howell was coming home from dinner on Thursday when she found Honey and Pigrawk bloodied and battered.

“We open up the door and the first pig closest to the door was Honey, and she was obviously gone, and then Pigrawk was back in the corner, and he was gone. Gypsy was sitting in the other corner just sitting there staring,” said Howell. “Whoever did this, I have hate in my heart that I’ve never had before my life.”

Howell hopes to use her energy to help Gypsy recover.

She said she has several theories about who hurt her pigs, but several similar acts of cruelty nearby have her wondering. Within a few miles of where Howell lives, a cat was found left in the road with its feet tied together, a dog was stabbed repeatedly, a Koi pond was poisoned, and a dog was found covered in gasoline.

“If it’s not one person doing this, then we’re looking at several people, and that’s even more scarier thought for me because one person is bad enough,” she said.