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Digital Conversation with Dia Davidson – Fatherhood Initiative

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 09:41:49-04

Sunday is Father’s Day, a special day on the calendar set aside to celebrate the men in our lives who are working to make the lives of our children more secure and enriched!

While many are present and active in the lives of their children, there are those who find themselves struggling to find work, provide housing, and take care of not only their own basic needs, but those of their families. But there is an organization here in Lexington that has been leading the charge for the past 15 years to make a difference.

In today’s Digital Conversation, Dia Davidson will introduce you to the Lexington Leadership Foundation’s Fatherhood Initiative. We will discuss the upcoming events, how you can get involved, and more.

You can check it out here, or give them a call at (859) 277-3087.