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Anderson County business reopens doors a year after storm damage

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 03, 2024

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (LEX 18) — Lawrenceburg leaders are proud of all that the city's downtown has to offer and the mayor's executive assistant, Cassaundra Cooper, shared why.

"We are huge proponents for those small businesses," Cooper said.

One of the downtown area’s jewels is Tastefully Delicious. The store has been a unique shopping experience for the last eight years and if it's "Kentucky" it's probably inside.

"It keeps the spending dollars within the state and you know they support us, we support them," Tastefully Delicious’ Justin Silverman said. "It works both ways."

It's like a general store with a modern twist. They pride themselves on their baked goods, Kentucky proud brands, and gift items. But the small family store just reopened its doors after closing about a year ago after bad storms passed through the area.

Silverman explained, "Actually, it was a confirmed tornado that hit the western part of the county, and if you look at the tracking at the time, it was coming right towards Main Street."

The store saw around $60,000 worth of damage. “The back corner of our building, we actually lost the back corner of it, the brick fell to the ground. And also, our front windows had blown out, out that way," Silverman said.

The store reopened on June 12, and now it’s been year and a day since the storm. Cooper said all her favorites are here.

"They're the ‘Gold Mine’ they're just bubble gum, but it was just the packaging that was cute," Cooper expressed.

Further, Cooper explained that stores like this bring in business from around the region.

"They bring in such a diverse customer base and those people will come in and shop here, but also kind of trickle up and down main street and do some other shopping," Cooper said.

"I just love being able to work with the city, work with the town, and just be able to provide stuff that people have not been able to see for like maybe 50 years, or have never seen at all," Silverman added.

He said the community has been really excited and welcoming since they've come back, and they want to keep bringing the region together to enjoy something tastefully delicious.

"It's been great. They were really supportive as well as the community and I think it's been something that's been really good for everybody,” Silverman concluded.