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Religious leaders: 'Enough is enough'

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jun 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 10:20:50-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — You had the feeling this morning's rally would do more good than harm, and that peace would prevail. And above all, the message would be heard. Religious leaders from across central Kentucky joined together with members of the community (all religions and races were present), to share a list of demands they have as it relates to police procedure going forward.

"It is urgent that significant reform must occur in law enforcement procedure," Reverend Joseph Owens said. "Though not often used, the Lexington police department utilizes the no-knock warrants," he continued sounding very much like he could've been delivering the sermon at his Shiloh Baptist Church.

No-knock warrants have become a hot button issue ever since the March shooting death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Police allegedly shot her to death while issuing that type of warrant while searching for her ex-boyfriend.

In addition to asking for the elimination of those warrants, the group would like all local law enforcement agencies to form independent review boards. If something goes sideways in the future, the black community could trust in the investigative process.

After making their remarks, the group walked shoulder to shoulder (most wearing masks), to take their list of demands to Mayor Linda Gorton, Chief of Police Lawrence Weathers and Fayette County Sheriff, Kathy Witt.

"Even though we've had peaceful demonstrations, I've been longing for that," Witt said of the march. "I think that's a part of the healing, and I'm ready to get to work."

But one Sheriff can only do so much. These leaders and so many others around the nation need everyone to hear what they've been saying for generations.

"No more. Enough is enough!" said Reverend Dr. David Peoples.