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Columbia Gas of Kentucky warns against impostors asking to see utility bills

Posted at 10:40 AM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 10:40:26-04

Columbia Gas of Kentucky said in a release issued Tuesday that it has received reports of individuals unaffiliated with the company approaching homeowners asking to see their gas bills.

The company said incidents have occurred in the Versailles and Irvine areas and reminded residents that they are under no obligation to provide their natural gas bill or any other personal information to a stranger who approaches them at their home or business.

Columbia Gas said while some door-to-door sales may be legitimate, many are scams in which the salespeople use high-pressure sales tactics and false claims to coerce consumers into buying products or services that they do not need or that are never delivered.

As the incidents are investigated, Columbia Gas is offering the following tips:

  • Before you allow a stranger to enter your home, ask to see identification. All Columbia Gas of Kentucky employees and contractors carry identification cards bearing their name, photograph and identification number and will be happy to show it.
  • If you want to verify whether work is scheduled to be done in your area, call Columbia’s Customer Care Center at 800-432-9345 during business hours. Columbia Gas employees understand if customers call to verify their identity. They will not make you feel pressured to let them into your home.
  • Most Columbia Gas employees drive clearly marked vehicles that are easy to identify.
  • Do not allow entry into your home to people who claim to offer a Columbia Gas refund. Columbia Gas employees never deliver cash refunds or “rebates” to customers’ homes.
  • Report suspicious activity to the police. If a person claiming to represent Columbia Gas does not have proper identification, call the police and then call Columbia Gas at 800-432-9345. Be prepared to give a detailed description of the individual and their vehicle.