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Brief fight breaks out at otherwise peaceful protest

Posted at 12:00 AM, Jun 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-07 14:28:57-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — On the ninth straight night of protests against police brutality in downtown Lexington, several protesters say a fight broke out at the intersection of E Maxwell St and S Limestone St. when a man jumped out of an Uber and pushed a protester who was trying to block traffic.

Lexington Police confirm with LEX 18 that as protesters blocked the road, a man got out of an Uber and argued with the protester. Antares Price who was marching with the group and witnessed the fight.

A video shared with LEX 18 by protesters shows the fight that happened in the intersection.

“The guy got defensive, I guess some words were said and the guy hopped out the car,” Price said.

He says the man pushed a protester, who pushed him back.

Then, Price said, the man punched the protester and the protester punched back.

“I went to break it up and the guy hit me and then everything got broke up,” Price said.

Several protesters told LEX 18 that the protester involved in the fight acted in self-defense.

The man who exited the Uber could be seen with injuries to his face.

He received medical attention from firefighters and left the scene with a woman in a fire truck.

Price said he did not know if the protester involved was injured.

“You never know if you’re gonna get into an altercation just because of what you’re protesting about, what you’re trying to speak or what you’re trying to get out because some people don’t like it and some people don’t see it the way you do,” Price said.

Organizers then led the march back to the courthouse at the corner of Main Street and South Limestone St.

Lexington police say the incident is under investigation. No one has been arrested or charged.