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Former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft says she's 'leaning heavily' towards running for governor

Posted at 7:00 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 19:29:35-05

(LEX 18) — With nearly 4 years as ambassador, first to Canada, then to the U.N., Kelly Craft has traveled the world several times over. She always ends up back home, and to her roots.

"If there was someone who really taught me the ethics of hard work, it was my Dad, and that was by example," said Craft. "A lot of people ask me, 'do you think it was deterrant growing up in a small town?' I think it's the opposite. That you're nurtured to believe in yourself; you are given a lot of self-esteem. And the other thing is people hold you accountable."

Good preparation for working for maybe the toughest boss out there: President Donald Trump.

"Tough, he's very tough," said Craft. "He's very demanding because he demands a lot of himself."

Appointed U.S. Ambassador to Canada in 2017, Craft was put in charge of one of the president's top campaign promises... to get rid of NAFTA and negotiate a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, the USMCA.

"I went there with a mission, and that was to get the best possible deal we could for the United States," she said.

Then, Craft became the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Not bad for a Kentucky girl who grew up on a farm in Glasgow.

From the highest level of world politics, Craft has turned her focus now to the place and the people she knows best.

"I think that when you're on that mountaintop, it gives you an amazing view," she said. "And you can really focus on what matters. And it was time to come home."

The issue before her now is what Kentucky Republicans want to know... will she run for governor?

"Yes, I am leaning heavily toward running for governor," she said. "I have not made that decision because I want to make that decision based on what's best for Kentucky and where I am best suited."

With a resume that includes working for the president, negotiating multi-country trade agreements, working with the highest level of world diplomats, some would describe Craft as extremely qualified. Does she?

"I'm the first to say there is a lot for me to learn, and I think when you say that you know everything is when you don't," she said. "I will not speak negative about Andy Beshear. There's too many other issues that you've got to focus on."

With such a life-changing decision ahead, what would finally convince Craft to step into the governor's race?

"Obviously, my husband [and] our conversations... that's probably second most important. The most important is my prayer life, and just feeling that inner peace, you know, Kelly, you're making the right decision."