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ITNBluegrass celebrates 125,000 rides in the community

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Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 13, 2024

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — Independent Transportation Network, or ITNBluegrass, hit 125,000 rides today and Patricia Steineman is its lucky rider.

"I would be lost without ITN because I use them two or three times every week,” says Steineman.

She’s been riding since 2020, getting lifts to the grocery store, beauty shop and appointments like she had Thursday. ITNBluegrass gives rides to seniors 60 and up and any adult with visual impairment.

Executive director Mike Ginter says, "Well I think it's important that we all give back. And you know, when our seniors and visually impaired adults reach an age or a point where they need assistance, I think we have a responsibility to help them."

Ginter says, “We've actually, driven over 1.2 million miles here in Fayette County and northern Jessamine County since 2008."

Steineman says, "I tell all my friends, you know, that it's a life saver."

They rely heavily on volunteers. Ginter explains, "Most of our volunteer drivers are... They've served their career, they're professionals, retired professionals, and they want to give back and still be involved in the community and help out."

While ITNBluegrass has three vehicles, most volunteers use their own gas and cars to give back and they're hoping to get more people involved.

Steineman says this service makes getting around easier for her and her family. She says, "My daughter would love to be able to do it but she's just busy. She's working two jobs, and she has two teenagers."

To learn more about ITNBluegrass and how to become a volunteer, here.