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Lawsuit claims GOP AG candidate Cameron unqualified to run

Posted at 6:09 AM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 21:29:40-04

(LEX 18) — A lawsuit is seeking to disqualify Republican candidate for attorney general Daniel Cameron from Kentucky's November ballot.

The suit, filed Tuesday, argues Cameron does not have the eight years of experience practicing law that is legally required for the position. The lawsuit was filed by Joseph Jackson, a retired union worker in Jefferson County,

According to the lawsuit, Cameron passed the bar in 2011 but then spent two years as a clerk for U.S. district judge. The suit claims that can't be considered the practice of law because there's no clients involved.

That is something university of Kentucky law professor Joshua Douglas does not agree with.

"I clerked for a Federal Judge out of law school. I know lots of other people who clerked for judges and I think they would all consider that experience part of their legal practice, even though it's not representing clients," Douglas told LEX 18 Political Reporter Karolina Buczek.

Cameron currently is set to face off in November against, Democrat Greg Stumbo. Cameron's team blamed Stumbo for the lawsuit, although he is not a party to it.

Cameron's campaign calling the lawsuit "old school bullying" and invoked the racial dynamics at play: Cameron is black, while Stumbo is white. "Cameron is more than qualified to serve legally – remember this is 2019 not 1819 – we will not let an old white career politician cheat a young qualified black attorney out of a fair election."

Stumbo tweetd, "Mr. Jackson deserves due process. He is a union man who worked his entire life for the right to be treated fairly, and his complaint should be taken seriously. I'm stunned at the lengths my opponent and the @KYGOP are going to silence this man and discount his valid concerns."