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Lexington native studying in London feels left behind

Posted at 6:41 PM, Mar 12, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) - After the President announced the European travel ban Wednesday night for the next 30 days, hundreds of American students studying in those countries were told to fly home, but some students in London, England, said they feel forgotten being excluded from the ban.

Students in London are not part of the ban because the United Kingdom left the European Union earlier this year.

"The feeling of isolation. The UK government isn't looking out for us. The European Union isn't looking out for us. And it seems as if the US government isn't looking out for their students abroad," said Lexington native Abbigale Harrison.

Harrison is a junior at George Washington University in Washington D.C. but currently studying in London. She said not only does she feel her health and safety are on the line but also thousands of dollars she already paid her university for the semester.

"We are being compromised on our health and safety and our education because currently US schools aren't pulling all of their kids. There's only some US schools pulling their kids. We're being told that if we left, we receive a failing grade for the term and for somebody who is a second semester junior, that's going to cut into my graduation date and cut into my credits," said Harrison. "So I can't just leave. Because there's consequences."

Harrison said she is hoping her program will allow her and her classmates to move to online classes like the D.C. campus already has and book a flight back to the States. She explained she feels unprotected not being a United Kingdom citizen or having healthcare insurance abroad.

"It's changing hourly. Every time we check our phones, it's something different. Somebody new is cancelling something. Somebody new is going home. It's just furious what's going on," said Harrison.

She said she and her classmates are just looking for answers as they try to lookout for their own health.