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Lexington street plagued with ongoing potholes, says resident

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jun 25, 2024

Update: Thursday, June 27, 2024

Since this story aired Tuesday, June 25, Lexington's division of streets and roads has responded to the issue. The mayor's office tells LEX 18 that this isn't considered a pothole but a faulty utility line restoration underneath the street. We have learned that crews went out to American Avenue to fix the issue.

Original Story

If you're not on the lookout, damage to your car from a pothole could cost you thousands of dollars. There's also the possibility of a major accident.

According to a man we spoke with Tuesday night, one location on American Avenue in Lexington has an ongoing problem.


According to Christopher Horine, the pothole above, near the turn for Camden Avenue, is causing major problems.

"They repaved this street from about April to about November last year, the whole entire street, and this is what we get out of our taxpayer's money," said Horine.

Horine lives on American Avenue and says that while car damages caused by hitting a pothole are one thing, the possibility of an accident in this area is a greater concern.

"Someone could fall into it, an animal, or even a human and twist or break an ankle, maybe even a leg," said Horine.

To report a pothole in Lexington, you're asked to contact LexCall at 311.

Horine, who's lived in this area for decades, thinks this has been a problem here for four to six years.

"It's been as big as, I don't know, a manhole covered."

He says he contacted 311 multiple times and is concerned about the amount of traffic coming down the street.

"I'm not blaming the city, I'm just saying something needs to be done," said Horine.