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Lexington woman stuck in Texas due to snowstorm

Posted at 9:01 PM, Feb 18, 2021

SAN ANTONIO, Tx. — A Lexington woman arrived in Texas last week for what she thought would be an exciting weekend when the weather took a drastic turn.

Caity Secamiglio and her husband arrived in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday, February 11. She planned on leaving Monday, February 15.

But they are still in Texas. Secamiglio says it began to snow on February 14, resulting in power outages and millions without heat.

"Honestly, my husband and I have traveled to many different places around the world, and this feels like a third-world country with what is happening here," said Secamiglio. "People don't have access to running water to wash their hands. There are unsanitary conditions. People are going to get sick. It may not be COVID-19, they may get sick from lack of food and lack of sanitation."

Flights out of Texas keep getting delayed. Secamiglio now may not leave now until next Monday, an entire week after she was originally supposed to leave.

She is one of the lucky ones though because her hotel has heat and electricity, but she is still without running water.

The hotel she is staying at has also been a refuge for elderly people who are without food and heat as well as doctors and nurses who are being bused to the hospitals to do life-saving work.

"It was very emotional to watch what people are going through. I mean I'm fine, I'm great, but to sit here and watch, knowing I can't help them. I can't get anything delivered for them I can't do anything for them because everything is shut down from the mail, to uber, to uber eats, taxis, there's nothing. There's absolutely nothing," said Secamiglio.