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Local treatment center helping moms and kids stay on track

Posted at 3:10 PM, Sep 24, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — An important part of rebounding from the pandemic is getting back to and maintaining some level of normalcy, and that is perhaps most important for those in the recovery community.

Lexington's Chrysalis House, a treatment center for women, understands that well, so they are making sure these women can continue their work and recovery while their children get an education.

Chrysalis House focuses on family-centered treatment, and as it became apparent that Fayette County Schools would not immediately go back to in-person instruction, Assistant Director Connie Neal knew they needed to help the mothers in their program.

"We wanted to make sure the mothers were able to meet their educational needs while also continuing to be able to work full time, meet other demands of parenting and to be able to pursue their recovery activities, " Neal said.

They created an NTI Program. The kids come to Chrysalis House each day for school. It is a move that is not just helping the moms, but it is also crucial for the children, as tutor Jonathan Hall is seeing firsthand.

"Watching students fall behind was not an option," Hall said. "We did not want them to not be able to accomplish their work whether that was through a technological barrier or possibly simply just an educational barrier, not knowing the material."

The kids are separated by grade level. They participate in NTI instruction with the childcare director and tutors like Hall. They also participate in physical and cultural activities, giving them some stability, accountability and structure so they are hopefully ready to go once in-person classes resume.

"If we can keep them motivated and keep them excited and keep them on par and maybe even ahead, that's great, " Hall said.

Chrysalis House is dedicated to keeping up its NTI Program as long as Fayette County remains virtual, but they also note it is something they did not budget for. They are hopeful the community will see the need and show support not only for the kids but for their mothers who are fighting multiple battles at once.

"Any time that we, and not just Chrysalis House but the community and the people who surround them, can kind of pitch in and help alleviate some of that stress for them, it can be life-altering and life-changing," Neal said.

The NTI Program is only available for children of Chrysalis House graduates or residents of their Serenity Apartments.

Visit the Chrysalis House website to learn more.