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One ring to fool them all: Historic Rohs Opera House has a little fun with movie fans

'My precious'
Posted at 3:48 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 16:13:09-05

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (LEX 18) — A fellowship has formed in the comment section of a post on the historic Rohs Opera House's Facebook page.

The Cynthiana theater is currently in the process of renovating and during their work, they say, they found a very ornate ring with "strange markings inside and out."

The photo immediately brought out fans of the "Lord of the Rings" franchise, who immediately began chiming in with quotes from the film.

"I wouldn't worry about the owner. He is seeking it, seeking it — all his thought is bent on it. The Ring yearns above all else to return to the hand of its master," wrote one fan.

Another fan also pointed out the similarities to a recent post by North Yorkshire Police.

The theater owners admit the post is a joke. They are closed until March for renovations and wanted to keep Facebook engagement up. The theater will reopen Mar. 6 with new movies.

To keep an eye on the renovation process, click here.