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'Phoenix Program' designed to help those emerging from incarceration

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jun 19, 2024

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Joshua Busbee is the founder of the Phoenix Program, designed to help those emerging from incarceration.

The Phoenix Program is available to those during that transition period.

"To secure a good job, open up a bank account, and start developing some of those life skills they need to really get to the next level of life," said Busbee.

To get to this point, Busbee credits partnerships with several second-chance programs.

"I believe, and a lot of the people on our team believe that second-chance employment is just going to be critical for Lexington in general," said Busbee.

Busbee shared a very inspiring, heartfelt story. It's his own. He spent more than a decade in prison. In a prison cell in Miami, Florida, he decided to change his life. He founded the Phoenix Program in honor of his sister, who passed away a few years back in a car crash at age 18.

"Ever since that moment, I really had an urge to do something in her name so that she could continue to live on."

He's honoring her memory with the grand opening of the Phoenix Program on June 19.