Cathy Whitt Grayson.jpg Photo by: Cathy Whitt (Grayson County) Doyle N Teresa Brooks Nicholasville 2.jpg Photo by: Doyle N. Teresa Brooks (Nicholasville, KY) Brittani Brown Stanford.jpg Photo by: Brittani Brown (Stanford, KY) Yolanda Smith Stanford.jpg Photo by: Yolanda Smith (Stanford, KY) Alayna Johnston Lexington.jpg Photo by: Photo via Alayna Johnston (Lexington) Alexis Green Lexington.jpg Photo by: Alexis Green (Lexington) Angela Wooley Casey Co..jpg Photo by: Angela Wooley (Casey County) ashley Casto waddy.jpg Photo by: Ashley Casto (Waddy) Betty Johnson Webb Wilmore.jpg Photo by: Betty Johnson Webb (Wilmore, KY) Brandy Jolly Nicholas County.jpg Photo by: Brandy Jolly (Nicholas County) Brian Walls J. Edwards and Son trucking Louisville.jpg J. Edwards and Son trucking prepares to treat the roads in LouisvillePhoto by: Photo via Brian Walls (Louisville) Britney Phillips La Grange.jpg Photo by: Britney Phillips (La Grange, KY) Caitlyn Campbell Lexington.jpg Photo by: Caitlyn Campbell (Lexington) Caroline Hewitt Lebanon.jpg Photo by: Caroline Hewitt (Lebanon, ky) Cathy Whitt Grayson 2.jpg Photo by: Cathy Whitt (Grayson County) Chris Paugstat Georgetown.jpg Photo by: Chris Paugstat (Georgetown, KY) Ceclie Dixon Irvine.jpg Photo by: Ceclie Dixon (Irvine, KY) Charles Malone Frankfort.jpg Photo by: Charles Malone (Frankfort, KY) Chelsea Ritchie Knott Co.jpg Photo by: Chelsea Ritchie (Knott County) Corinna Bailey Carlisle.jpg Photo by: Corinna Bailey (Carlisle, KY) Courtney Brown Todds Road Lexington.jpg Courtney Brown captures road conditions on Todds Road in LexingtonPhoto by: Courtney Brown (Lexington, KY) Donna Burnell Lancaster.jpg Photo by: Donna Burnell (Lancaster, KY) Doyle N Teresa Brooks Nicholasville.jpg Photo by: Doyle N. Teresa Brooks (Nicholasville, KY) Dylan Mosley Letcher Co. trampoline.jpg A trampoline is frozen in Letcher County, Kentucky.Photo by: Dylan Mosley (Letcher County) Eileen Ishmael Frankfort pool.jpg An outdoor pool is covered in snow and ice in Frankfort, Kentucky.Photo by: Photo by Eileen Ishmael (Frankfort, KY) Gerald Walton Wellington.jpg Photo by: Gerald Walton (Wellington, KY) Hannah Lawson Richmond.jpg Photo by: Hannah Lawson (Richmond, KY) Jaymie Moore brown ridge morehead.jpg Jaymie Moore (Brown Ridge/Morehead, KY)Photo by: 342488024019101 Jennifer Gibson Dry Ridge.jpg Photo by: Jennifer Gibson (Dry Ridge, KY) Julie Crouch Scott County.jpg Photo by: Julie Crouch (Scott County, KY) Katherine Walker Winchester.jpg Photo by: Katherine Walker (Winchester, KY) Kerry N Sarah Hoskins Highland KY.jpg Photo by: Kerry N. Sarah Hoskins (Highland, KY) Krista Agee Richmond.jpg Photo by: Krista Agee (Richmond, KY) Leatha Johnson Georgetown.jpg Photo by: Leatha Johnson (Georgetown, KY) Lisa McGuire Monticello.jpg Photo by: Lisa McGuire (Monticello, KY) Liz Keebortz Lexington.jpg Photo by: Liz Keebortz (Lexington, KY) Megan McCann Richardson more info.jpg Davis Richardson (6) holds a large piece of ice on the Woven Wire Mountain Bike Trail in Danville, Kentucky. His little brother, Bennett (2) is in red.Photo by: Megan McCann Richardson Pat Cohorn Nicholas County.jpg Photo by: Pat Cohorn (Nicholas County, KY) Paula Lindsey Morgantown.jpg Photo by: Paula Lindsey (Morgantown, KY) Sherrie Donahue-Hackworth Winchester.jpg Photo by: Sherrie Donahue-Hackworth (Winchester, KY) Shyann Cowans Dry Ridge.jpg Photo by: Shyann Cowans (Dry Ridge, KY) Suzanne Robertson Bridwell Georgetown.jpg Photo by: Suzanne Robertson Bridwell (Georgetown, KY) Tom Braker Jessamine Co.jpg Photo by: Tom Braker (Jessamine County, KY) Valeria Carlin de Frey Cold Springs.jpg Photo by: Valeria Carlin de Frey (Cold Springs, KY) Victoria Jessica Allen Paris.jpg Photo by: Victoria Jessica Allen (Paris, KY) Daniel Haley carter county Grayson, KY.jpg Photo by: Daniel Haley (Carter County/Grayson, KY) carter county (Grayson, KY) Daneil 2.jpg Photo by: Daniel Haley (Carter County/Grayson, KY) Corinne Mae lexington.jpg Photo by: Corinne Mae (Lexington, KY) Megan Young Gravel Switch, KY.jpg Photo by: Megan Young (Gravel Switch, KY) MIchele Gross danville.jpg Photo by: Michele Gross (Danville, KY) Sherba Nelson (Berea).jpg Photo by: Sherba Nelson (Berea, KY) Tonya Damrell-Frye Jackson County, KY.jpg Photo by: Tonya Damrell-Frye (Jackson County, KY) Tonya Damrell-Frye Jackson County, KY 2.jpg Photo by: Tonya Damrell-Frye (Jackson County, KY) ANDREA SHELTON LEXINGTON.jpg Photo by: Andrea Shelton (Lexington, KY) Cassie Shipman WINCHESTER KY.jpg Photo by: Cassie Shipman (Winchester, KY) CHRISTI PHILLIPS Ice on Salt River.jpg Photo by: Christi Phillips (Salt River) Graciela R Baltazar PARIS KY.jpg Photo by: Graciela R. Baltazar (Paris, KY) Marie Wandele Lynch MCCREARY COUNTY.jpg Photo by: Marie Wandele Lynch (McCreary County, KY)