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Student COVID-19 rule violations

Posted at 11:51 PM, Dec 09, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A fraternity at UK has had its chapter status as a student organization revoked for the next two years. The university cites alcohol and COVID-19 rule violations, in addition to prior violations, as the reasoning. Despite this, a UK spokesperson says most students have followed the rules.

For the fall semester, the University of Kentucky had 25,000 students coming to campus. With such a large number, UK made many changes to the campus, the rules and class schedules.

"When in the history of our institution have we asked students to wear a mask all day long? Have we asked them to screen every day? And then when something does happen, they've got to quarantine or isolate," Jay Blanton said.

Under the code of conduct, Jay Blanton says 496 students have failed to follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Of that number, 99 students have been sanctioned.

"Most of those then, were, 'Hey, you got contacted to do contact tracing and you didn't respond," Blanton said.

The sanctions also include a warning or education and in extreme cases, probation, or removal from campus housing. Of the violations, 204 happened off campus and 292 happened on campus.

"Certainly, there would be instances, more notably off-campus than on-campus, but for both. Where you had gatherings that exceeded too many people, or people were not physically distancing like they were being asked to do," Blanton said.

Throughout the semester, UK says they conducted about 50,000 tests this semester, with an average of students being tested a couple of times.