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'This behavior is no longer acceptable': WCHS students call for school board member to be removed

Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 05, 2020

VERSAILLES, Ky. (LEX 18) — A Woodford County school board member is receiving backlash after a controversial Facebook post that has lead some students to call for her removal.

Piper McCoun, a student member on the Woodford County School Board, along with fellow peer activists Devan Champion and Ana Ruvalcava say they expect their school board members to be open-minded and represent all kids.

"It's really important, especially being an elected official to meet those expectations. I think if you are genuinely willing to represent people, then you would have that same respect as they do for you," McCoun said.

But the students say that expectation isn't being met by one member.

Allison Richardson shared a post on her Facebook page, that talks negatively about the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, a few days later, Richardson made another controversial post; pushing back against the 'Buy Black Friday' movement, calling it "racist, and not OK."

Champion, McCoun and Ruvalcava say it's disheartening that the school board positions are elected officials.

"One big thing we have talked about before this is how they want more minority teachers and faculty members. How do you expect to have people who want to come here, when our board members can't even act right?" Champion said.

This isn't the first time Richardson has stirred up controversy on social media. In August 2019, she shared a post that made disparaging remarks about Hispanic people.

"Why are you doing this? And what are you trying to get out? She's asking people to come to her. We've already tried to talk to her, she said she was 'sorry.' Which I don't think she was because if you're sorry, you don't keep doing things like this," Ruvalcava said.

The high school students say enough, is enough. "This behavior is no longer acceptable. It's happened more than once, more than twice now. And I feel as though the board should find a way to remove her," Champion said.

LEX18 reached out to Richardson for a comment but had no response.