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Baby T-Rex On Sale For $3 Million On eBay Sparks Outrage

Posted at 6:45 AM, Apr 18, 2019
A fossil of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex that Alan Detrich listed on eBay just under $3 million. **Photo courtesy: Alan Detrich


(NBC News)– A fossil hunter in Kansas hopes to get more than a few bites on the remains of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex that he listed on eBay for just under $3 million.

Alan Detrich, an archaeologist and fossil hunter, told NBC News that the remains were found by his brother Robert in 2013 in a marsh in Hell Creek Formation in Montana.

The dinosaur bones have a “buy it now” price of $2.95 million, as well as the option to “make an offer.”

Detrich said it is “most likely the only baby T-Rex” in the world. It has a 15-foot body, 21-inch skull and 12 serrated teeth in its lower jaw, according to the item description.

“This Rex was a very, very dangerous meat eater,” Detrich said. It was approximately 4-years-old when it died.

A fossil of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex has been listed 2.9 million dollars on ebay.pirategoldcoins via Ebay
The item description had originally associated itself with the University of Kansas’ Natural History Museum, where the T-Rex was recently on display, which resulted in the school facing backlash on social media.

“As an alum, I am disappointed to see the state’s most important natural history museum acting as a shill for commercial fossil sales,” Patricia Holroyd said in a recent tweet.

The museum responded, saying it “does not sell or mediate the sale of specimen to private individuals” and that the T-Rex was removed from exhibit and returned to its owner.

The museum director also said he asked Detrich to remove any association with it from his listing.

Detrich’s listing has been viewed almost 60,000 times, notching about 55 views per hour.

Buyers beware: All sales are final — Detrich says he does not accept returns.