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Crime Stoppers: Tires Stolen From Truck In Dealer Parking Lot

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 04, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Two people were caught on camera at a Lexington car lot. Now, police want to talk to them about a theft which took place at the same location on the same day.

On Jan. 6, two men were caught on a surveillance video at Alex Auto, showing interest in a gray pickup truck. Later that same day, all four wheels were stolen off the 2011 GMC truck.

The wheels were valued at $5,000, and police say that price tag makes the crime a felony.

“What you don’t see is that they kind of stalk the vehicle for some time. They are moving in and out of some of these other trucks here to try to make sure nobody is watching them. They slowly bring their tools onto the property and start to go to work on this vehicle you see over here,” says Detective Mark Thomas of Lexington police.

Thomas added that because of the specifications for wheels and tires like this, it’s unlikely they’re sold them on any kind of black market. The thieves are most likely driving around town on those stolen wheels.