Bourbon County fan arrested during middle school basketball game pleads not guilty

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Posted at 9:36 AM, Feb 08, 2022

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Mark Anthony West pleaded not guilty during a court appearance Monday.

Two weeks ago, West was arrested during a middle school basketball game in Woodford County for displaying, what officials called, "inappropriate behavior."

Officials say that he had brought a gun to the game, but he did not use the gun at the game.

'Unruly' fan arrested during middle school basketball game

West is facing charges of alcohol intoxication in a public place (first & second degree), menacing, attempted assault in the third degree of a police or probation officer, and unlawful possession of weapon on school property.

In a uniform citation, the arresting officer described what led up to the arrest from his perspective.

He writes that West "approached me, got in my face, clenched his fists and took a fighting stance." He also said he smelled alcohol on West and that when he tried to handcuff him, he felt "a weapon concealed under his sweatshirt." Then, he said West tried to hit him and that's when he got West to the ground to arrest him.

His preliminary hearing is set for March 21. He and his attorney declined to comment.

According to the Montgomery County school's Facebook page, the game was between McNabb and Bourbon County, but was hosted at Woodford county. The school reported that all students and parents were safe.