Lexington Police: Car break-ins on the rise

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Posted at 2:23 PM, Nov 18, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The holidays are approaching and car break-ins are on the rise.

Sgt. Ronald Keaton with the Lexington Police Department told LEX 18's Claire Kospky that during the past two weeks, there have almost been 50 break-ins. Items are being stolen from cars all over Lexington.

"Criminals know that people are shopping and so they're gonna be, they're gonna have presents in our car and you know, extra money in their purses and wallets and so forth, so they're gonna have that extra incentive to look into vehicles and break in the cars during the holiday season," Keaton said.

For Lexington Police, that means more hours on the clock during the holiday season.

"We'll start right around Black Friday with our extra patrols, and then we'll all go through the full holiday season," he said.

Keaton shared the following advice to keep yourself safe.

"Look out for your neighbors. Do your 9 p.m. routine. Make sure your doors are locked, your garages are closed,all your valuables are out of your cars; your car doors are locked," Keaton said. "If you see something suspicious call us will send officers out. That's what we're out here to do."

Lexington Police said that if you are the victim of a car break-in, even if you don't want to press charges, please report the crime as it could help them catch the criminal who could be related to other cases.