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Amy McGrath rallying for support ahead of Election Day

Posted at 6:40 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 18:40:08-05

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Democratic candidates and their supporters in Kentucky are hoping to reverse a red wave that's swept the state's political scene.

Republican Congressman Andy Barr held off Amy McGrath back in 2018. His opponent for this year's race is Democrat Josh Hicks.

McGrath is now going after Mitch McConnell's Senate seat, which the Senate Majority Leader has held since 1984.

McGrath was joined by Hicks at a rally this afternoon at Windy Corner in Lexington. She's trying to defy the polls and 36 years of history.

Among the criticisms she leveled at McConnell, she hammered the Senate Majority Leader on his failure to negotiate more COVID-19 relief.

"I don't believe that he is a man that has any principles. He stands for nothing other than his own power. So much so, that here we are in a national crisis of epic proportions that we haven't seen in 100 years, and the man can't even do the right thing for our country. Even when his own president of the same party wants a coronavirus package. When the other side (House of Representatives) has passed a package, in good faith, he won't even negotiate," said McGrath.

She says she'll be patient as votes get counted because we may not know the results on election night. But she says the best way the Senate can move forward is without Mitch McConnell.

"Where people don't believe that our institutions of government can even function anymore. If they don't believe that we can solve the problems of the day because they're completely dysfunctional, they don't work. And it's because of his leadership and that enflames people. And it makes them angry. And it makes them not believe in our democracy again">

McGrath will not be having an official Election watch party on Tuesday night due to the pandemic. But she will be travelling across the state before the polls close to try and reach last-minute voters.