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'He's never going to change': McGrath responds to McConnell's RNC speech

Posted at 8:30 AM, Aug 28, 2020

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke during the final night of the Republican National Convention, Amy McGrath released a rebuttal speech on social media. McGrath is running on the democratic ticket against McConnell in the upcoming election.

McGrath, who is running on the Democratic ticket against McConnell, called the senator’s speech "divisive" and "fear-mongering" during a time when Americans are looking to come together.

“Let's be clear. A crisis is no time for politics as usual,” she said in the video released on Twitter.

"Kentuckians don't want to hear partisan rhetoric. They want to know what our leaders will do to pull us out of this crisis and give them a fighting chance at a good life. They're looking for leadership. That's not what we heard from Mitch McConnell. Instead, they heard the same old tired stuff he's been saying for 36 years."

McGrath said McConnell cares more about his donors and special interests rather than the people he serves and focused on one word – change. She said McConnell can't change, even though Kentuckians have, especially during the pandemic.

“He isn't going to change even though half of Kentucky's families have lost income during this pandemic. He won't change even though more than 100,000 of our fellow Kentuckians have left the workforce altogether, because there is no work.” Said McGrath. “He’s never going to change even though more than 50 percent of our workers have needed unemployment at some point during this crisis.”

Toward the end of her speech, McGrath outlined her plans to combat the COVID-19 health crisis if she takes the Senate seat, which includes providing emergency relief and investing in safe education for children.