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Kentucky's 8 electoral votes cast for President Trump

Trump wins North Carolina and hits 232 electoral votes; Biden still projected winner
Posted at 5:31 PM, Dec 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 18:53:53-05

(LEX 18) — As the Electoral College voted across the country on Monday, Kentucky's presidential electors cast the state's eight votes for President Donald Trump. The move formalized Trump's win in Kentucky on November 3rd. He received 62.1% of the vote compared to Biden's 36.2%.

"The electors of the Commonwealth of KY have cast eight electoral votes for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States," said Secretary of State Michael Adams formally signed off on the ballots.

Adams said the votes will now be mailed to Congress, where the results will be counted on January 6th.

"It certainly is [done] in Kentucky," said Adams. "I'd say nothing is over until January 6th when Congress meets to count the votes, but I don't expect any surprises."

Kentucky's electoral process went smoothly this year. The ceremony was a sharp departure from the event of four years ago, when several dozen protesters gathered in frigid weather on the Capitol building steps, urging the state's electors to vote against then-President-elect Donald Trump.

However, other states dealt with credible threats ahead of their electoral votes on Monday. It forced states like Michigan to shut down their legislative buildings.

Jack Richardson, one of Kentucky's electors, said he'd received some threats over the years, but he's not too concerned with them.

"You get some things online, but you know, they are who they are," said Richardson. "You just delete them, and I don't pay any attention to it."

However, Adams reinforced that there is no room for violence when it comes to elections.

"There's no propriety ever for violence or intimidation in voting, and there's no propriety in intimidation or violence on the electors," said Adams. "The electors are doing just what they've been instructed. They're following the votes of the people."