Family speaks out after death of Talina Henderson

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Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 28, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — One day before Thanksgiving, Lexington police say they got a call from 59-year-old Stephon Henderson saying that he shot his wife, 47-year-old Talina Henderson, who also went by Tina. Her son broke the news to his sister in Washington.

Talina Henderson’s daughter, Tamer Glover, says, "I asked him, I said, 'what's the last thing that mom said to you about me?' she said, 'I wish Tamera could come home for Thanksgiving.'"

Talina and Stephon Henderson were married in March 2016. In March of 2021, the couple separated. Tina filed a petition to dissolve the marriage on November 21. She also filed for an emergency protection order (EPO) on November 20. In that petition, Talina says that Stephon was verbally and emotionally threatening. Stephon's family — who knew Tina was filing for divorce and an EPO — says they were shocked to hear that things had gone this far.


His cousin, Seanrae White, says, "On the behalf of my family, I just want to say that we are beyond sorry, grief-stricken in the highest of the highest."

White says she has this message for her cousin now.

She says, "Why, why Stephon? And that's the whole family...that’s all of us. Why? Why would you do that?"

Tina's daughter, Tamera Glover, was not at this afternoon's arraignment and when asked about the protective order that was not immediately granted, she simply said she just wants justice for her mom. She also wants the community to know who Talina was.


"My mama — my mother, she was a queen. Like…she was a queen, like I said before, she was my best friend, my twin, I’m so glad she blessed me with her looks, and I look just like her. And I know when people see my face, they feel sad, but it's like, don't feel sad, when you look at me, you see her face,” says Glover.

For other women dealing with domestic violence, Glover wants them to not be afraid to speak up. She says, "Don't be scared. Somebody's gonna hear you, somebody's gonna listen, and by any means, ladies, women in a situation like this, we have to protect ourselves and do whatever we gotta do."

Talina’s daughter says she'll continue looking for justice for her mother.