Fiona and Tucker are mating, Cincinnati Zoo says 'it's totally normal'

Tucker is not Fiona's biological father, but did father the zoo's newest baby hippo, Fritz
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Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-15 15:49:28-05

CINCINNATI — Fiona is mating with Bibi's partner, Tucker, and that's not weird at all, said the Cincinnati Zoo.

"Fiona and Tucker are not related," said zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley. "This is totally normal for hippos."

Fiona's biological father, Henry, died in 2017 shortly after she was born.

Tucker came into the picture in 2021 and was introduced as a "huge, dark, and handsome" man who would hopefully be a compatible mate to Fiona's mom Bibi. The two hit it off and eventually had a baby boy named Fritz in 2022.

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Now, it appears that Fiona has her mother's taste in men.

Although this may seem a little weird to us humans, hippos have no concept of what a stepdad is and this type of family dynamic is totally normal because they are wild animals, the zoo said.

Cincinnati's beloved hippo family won't be getting bigger anytime soon because Fiona is on birth control, according to the zoo.

Time is running out for opportunities to see Fritz, Fiona, Bibi and Tucker at Hippo Cove.

“Anytime it's over 40 degrees and sunny, the hippos will be out here on exhibit, otherwise they'll be back in their barn if it's too cold,” said Africa Department Zookeeper Mark Tewes.

Hopefully we will have a few warmer-than-normal days in the winter where you will be able to catch the family relaxing in their outdoor habitat.

Fritz takes a dip