Russell Springs Snow
Here is a photo of the first snow in November in Russell Springs. The photo was taken by April Whitehead, who works for ShutterMe Photography!Photo by: April Whitehead
Snow UK
Even though it's cold, we are still representing our True Blue! This photo was taken by Sherry Williams. Photo by: Sherry Williams
Berea Snow
Snow in Berea! (Sue Carpenter Gadd)Photo by: Sue Carpenter Gadd
Snow in Manchester
Here is the snow in Manchester, Kentucky! (Amy Smallwood)Photo by: Amy Smallwood
Mt. Sterling Snow
Here is the snow in Mt. Sterling! (Phyllis Bowman Curtis)Photo by: Phyllis Bowman Curtis
Cats with snow
These cats are loving the snow outside, but they know to stay away from the cold! (Vanessa Lyn)Photo by: Vanessa Lyn
Rose in Wilmore
This beautiful photo was taken by Rebecca Sams! Photo by: Rebecca Sams
Turkey snow
This turkey can't handle the snow! (Jeanna Jordan)Photo by: Jeanna Jordan
Horses in snow
These beautiful horses are enjoying the first snow of November! (Molena Wilson)Photo by: Molena Wilson
Dog snow
This pup, whose name is Hoover, is loving the first snow of November! (Shelby Nichole Sowards)Photo by: Shelby Nichole Sowards
McCreary County snow
Snow in McCreary County! (Ashley Armstrong)Photo by: Ashley Armstrong
Richmond snow
Here is the snow in Richmond! (Joyce King)Photo by: Joyce King
Casey County snow
Snow in Casey County! (Ashley Bray Haste)Photo by: Ashley Bray Haste
Richmond snow
Snow in Richmond, Kentucky! (Marsha Dye)Photo by: Marsha Dye
Snow in Nicholas County
Snow in Nicholas County! (Michael Mellema)Photo by: Michael Mellema
UK snow
Snow on UK's campus! (Amber Darlene Reynolds)Photo by: Amber Darlene Reynolds
Memorial Hall snow
Snow in front of Memorial Hall on UK's campus! (Ashley Mundy)Photo by: Ashley Mundy
Beautiful photo of the snow! (Andrew Crank)Photo by: Andrew Crank
Fayette co snow
Snow in Fayette County! (Daojiong Xian)Photo by: Daojiong Xian
Cardinal in snow
A beautiful cardinal in the snow! (Erica Couch)Photo by: Erica Couch
Snow in Florence
Beautiful picture of snow in Florence, Kentucky! (Erica Couch)Photo by: Erica Couch
Look at all that snow! (Erica Couch)Photo by: Erica Couch
danville snow
Here is the snow in Danville! (Laci Ann Hebrock)Photo by: Laci Ann Hebrock
Winchester ky
Beautiful photo of the snow! (Rob Calvert)Photo by: Rob Calvert
Birdhouse snow
Here is a beautiful birdhouse in the snow! (Patty McKinney Turpin)Photo by: Patty McKinney Turpin
russell county
Here is the snow in Russell County! (Jeremy Rainey)Photo by: Jeremy Rainey
pup snow
Look at this beautiful dog enjoying the snow! (Jose Ruiz)Photo by: Jose Ruiz
ale 8 snow
Jacob Rice said there is no better way to keep his Ale 8's cold!Photo by: Jacob Rice
We love seeing all the snow photos from across Kentucky! (Jeremy Lee)Photo by: Jeremy Lee
carlisle snow
Snow in Carlisle! (Petrea Allison)Photo by: Petrea Allison
lebanon snow
Here is a photo of the snow in Lebanon! (Barb Smith Battcher)Photo by: Barb Smith Battcher
tank snow
The beautiful fella's name is Tank and his owner, Tabbitha Dunaway, refuses to leave the snow! Photo by: Tabbitha Dunaway
pumpkin snow
Here is a pumpkin in the snow! (Samantha Barr)Photo by: Samantha Barr
dog snow
Look at this beautiful pup in the snow! (David Keith Pinkston)Photo by: David Keith Pinkston
fall in snow
Here are two seasons in one photo! (Melissa Mayorga)Photo by: Melissa Mayorga
dog snow
Here is this pup's first snow! (Heather Madden)Photo by: Heather Madden
lex snow
6:30 a.m. in Lexington! (Jon Hunt)Photo by: Jon Hunt
cat snow
The kitty is loving November's first snow! (Renita Guffey)Photo by: Renita Guffey
annville snow
Here is another picture of the beautiful snow that our viewers woke up to! (Rebecca Henson)Photo by: Rebecca Henson
lockport snow
Here is a photo of the snow in Lockport! (Tonya Hubbuch)Photo by: Tonya Hubbuch
wow snow
Kentucky never knows what season it's in! (Donnie Lawson)Photo by: Donnie Lawson
backroad ky
The back roads in Kentucky are looking beautiful today! (Ashlee Rae)Photo by: Ashlee Rae
fall winter
Is it fall or winter, Kentucky?! (Katrina Kerr)Photo by: Katrina Kerr
horses snow
Just a couple of horses enjoying November's first snowfall! (Sarah Crane Teater)Photo by: Sarah Crane Teater
cows snow
These cows are enjoying the snow today! (Sebrina Brown)Photo by: Sebrina Brown
pup snow
This pup, whose name is Rambo, is enjoying his first ever snowfall! (Caitlin Charlton)Photo by: Caitlin Charlton
siblings snow
These pup siblings are loving the snow, even if it's only an inch! (Angel An Ramon Carmona)Photo by: Angel An Ramon Carmona
tree snow
This tree looks beautiful in the snow! (Laurie Ann Turner)Photo by: Laurie Ann Turner
Snow in Nicholas County! (Chris Eversole)Photo by: Chris Eversole
first snow pike county caitlin miller.jpg
Caitlin Miller, Pike County Photo by: Caitlin Miller, Pike County
first snow boyle county jacob hendrick.jpg
Jacob Hendricks, Boyle County Photo by: Jacob Hendricks, Boyle County
first snow andrea litteral.jpg
Andrea Litteral Photo by: Andrea Litteral
deer snow
Look at this beautiful deer enjoying the snow! (Janet McClanahan)Photo by: Janet McClanahan
Horse snow
This horse loves the snow! (Janet McClanahan)Photo by: Janet McClanahan
(Carie Richmond)Photo by: Carie Richmond
cameron griffith.JPG
Cameron Griffith Photo by: Cameron Griffith
rachel johnson nicholasville.jpg
Rachel Johnson, Nicholasville Photo by: Rachel Johnson, Nicholasville
tres wells morgan county.jpg
Tres Wells, Morgan CountyPhoto by: Tres Wells
berea house.jpg
Kenneth Clemmons, BereaPhoto by: Kenneth Clemmons