Floyd County community supports local Sheriff's Deputy shot in Allen with benefit lunch

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 17:24:26-04

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — It’s been several weeks since the shooting in Allen in Floyd County that left three law enforcement officers and one K-9 officer dead.

Now, one Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy, Darrin Lawson, who was shot in the leg, is still recovering and the community is coming together to support him at a lunch benefit.


Lawson’s fiancé, Madyson Nunnery, says, "He actually was able to get a phone when he arrived at the first hospital, and he was able to call me. It was nothing I ever want to go through again – it’s the most gut-wrenching phone call I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

The Prestonsburg community came out Wednesday to support him through a lunch benefit sponsored by the local Shriners and Masonic lodge. So far, deputy Lawson has undergone eight surgeries, and his family is looking forward to having him back home.

His grandfather, Eddie Lawson, says he knows he’s eager to get back to work.

”I just hope and pray that he’ll be alright and that he can go back to work. That’s what he loves, that’s what he wanted to do. Throughout life, he could choose something else, but he wanted to be with people and help people and that’s exactly what he did,” says Lawson.


People in this Floyd County community say that during times like this and any time, communities need to come together.

Floyd County Sheriff, John Hunt, says,” It’s uplifting to him, and that’s what makes his emotions and his spirits as good as they are too is that he knows he has the support of back home and his family, his friends, and his coworkers, just the entire community. And then if he was here, he’d see the outpouring from nationwide.”

Deputy Lawson’s fiancé says it has been a tough road – but she and her family are grateful for the outpouring of community support. Her finance’s happiness is on her mind now.

”He’s so good at his job, and he loves his job. I can’t see him doing anything else. As traumatic, as stressful as it’s been for us – as long as he’s happy, that’s all I want for him,” said Nunnery.

There was no set goal for the benefit lunch – but Floyd County Sheriff Hunt tells us that the proceeds will help deputy Lawson and his family.