Gas prices 'doing the limbo'

Gas Prices
Posted at 8:48 AM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 09:46:39-04

(LEX 18) — The price of a gallon of gas continues to fall in Lexington, albeit slower than before.

"We’re kind of saying that gas prices are doing the limbo right now, how low can they go," said AAA of the Bluegrass Spokesperson Lori Weaver Hawkins.

The average price in Lexington is $3.68 a gallon. Statewide, the price is lower at $3.55 a gallon. It's a 10 cent drop in the past week.

Prices are different depending on where you are for a variety of reasons, Hawkins said.

"When you get into the metro areas the real estate that those stations are on is working more so you the retailer charging more for the gas," she said.

The drop hasn't been enough for Brandy Sweet, who says she hasn't been filling up her self-described "gas guzzler" because of the impact on her bottom line. Instead, she adds a little every day."

I can't go and do the things I've been trying to do, i can't get housing assistance, I can't make it to community action," she said.