Georgetown Police warn about TikTok 'Orbeez Challenge'

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Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 22, 2022

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — It can appear harmless and even seem like a whole lot of fun, but Georgetown Police are warning parents and kids about the dangers of a popular kid's toy made popular through a TikTok challenge.

It's called the "Orbeez Challenge" and GPD said it encourages kids to take gel Orbeez beads, freeze them, load them into a toy gun, and shoot unsuspecting people.

"Someone could get really hurt and injured," Kaylee Carter, who is the guardian for her 15-year-old sister, said. "It's just not okay."

When the beads aren't frozen, they're squishy and easily destroyed. It's when they're frozen that they become rock hard and dangerous.

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"Of course, if you shoot them with an airsoft gun or a battery-powered gun, it can lead to someone getting hurt," GPD Assistant Police Chief Darin Allgood said.

Allgood says over the past few weeks, they've taken several reports about the challenge, including some resulting in minor injuries and property damage.

Now, GPD is asking parents and guardians for help talking to kids.

"It starts at home," Allgood said. "It takes everybody to be aware of the dangers that can happen."

The dangers include criminal charges. If caught, he said those responsible can be charged with Criminal Mischief or Assault in the 4th degree if someone is hurt.

At this time, GPD hasn't charged anyone.