'Get into all things geeky': Lexington Comic Con returns

Posted at 5:00 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 18:29:16-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The annual Lexington Comic-Con is here, and pop culture fans of all types are getting excited. Leaders say this is an event that is all things comics and collectible toys.

Vendors are setting up preparing for the rest of the weekend's events. As people start to come in, organizers hope they're getting excited about this year's lineup.

"People always get excited about the celebrities and the comic creators is definitely without a doubt the highlight for a lot of people," says Comic Con planner Catrina Hencye. "And the vendor floor - I mean we have so many vendors that are just full of new products. I want everybody to come out, shop have fun, enjoy their community, and go from there."

Leaders say that Thursday marks the tenth anniversary of this convention being held in Lexington. They say they're expecting thousands to come out this weekend and enjoy the festivities.


Lexington Comic Con’s lead moderator, Joe Lewis, says, "We have all types from all different backgrounds, and it's just a great place for lack of a better way of saying it -- let your freak flag fly. Just come down, be yourself, get into all things geeky and just walk around and enjoy yourself."

There's something for everyone. Leaders shared when this convention began in Lexington around 4,000 people came out. At its peak -- before the pandemic -- it had as many as 30,000. They say having it in this city for so long means a lot.

"I love the fact that the biggest comic convention, in Kentucky, is in Lexington," said Lewis. "I love that it's us - and it just means a lot to the city. I think it brings folks in that wouldn't normally be coming here. I love that fact about it."

Organizers urge everyone to come and want people to be themselves and have fun.

Hencye says, "I just hope people come, have fun, enjoy the geeky experience, buy something you love, meet your hero. You can't go wrong."

The convention is being held at the Central Bank Center in downtown Lexington through Sunday, March 27.